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How To Get Backlinks For Your Website

how to get backlinks

Is the latest Google algorithm has been killed backlink as one determinant factor of website ranking? We said, no!. The reason is quite simple, you could not possibly ignore what people think of the benefit they get from a site. A website that has a natural backlink is considered as a great website by the Search Engine. Google loves a website with natural backlinks, however, is natural backlinks alone enough to elevate your website to the top position? You have to find the answers on the issue.

What is Pyramid Backlink?

Have you ever heard that a website appeared to have hundreds of backlinks that are connected in a loop? If you have heard, you’re following our path to choose Pyramid backlink as the main solution. Why do we regard it as an ideal solution? The answer is quite simple, sometimes you never try to achieve maximum results in building a backlink circle. However, when you apply a particular system, Google did not like it. In fact, they put your website in a sandbox. Of course you do not want it to happen to you.

Solutions to organize a special plan is to build a Pyramid backlinks naturally. First you need some blogs to be created to support your money site. So the concept of Pyramid backlink is building several blogs at once to be connected with money site so that its ranking will rise in the eyes of Google. A pyramid is composed of several layers of buildings. This applies to Backlink Pyramid. You must make at least three layers of backlinks to improve the ranking of your main site.


We will refer to these layers as tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3. In the Pyramid layers, there are several websites that have to be made. So at least you have to provide up to 20 blogs. For the first tier, you can set up 10 blogs. Select any platform, whether Blogspot, Joomla, WordPress or any other CMS. We recommend that you choose a free CMS so that you can save a bit of a budget to build backlinks. The key is to build sites with similar niche with your money site. Do you need connecting the money site to the web at the tier 1? Wait, your task now is to prepare the tier 1 for some blogs that you will create in tier 2. Wow, pretty tricky turns. Not so complicated, just calm down.

Tier 2 will contain about 7 sites. In tier 2, you still need to use a free CMS with a subdomain. By establishing a second tier sites, means you have reached the stage to build the Pyramid with the correct orientation. At that point, you still have to build a blog with a similar niche to the money site. Connect tier 2 blog with some blogs that will be placed in tier 3. In tier 3, you are tasked with building a 3 blog only. Use Blogspot with custom domain. We recommend that you use multiple free domains like .GA, .TK or .ML. Although all three are not included into top TLD domain, but we felt that it is sufficient for you.

In the last stage, connect tier 3 sites to your money site. Let Google lists them into its index. After about a month, your money sites will rise slowly.

CFA Uses The One In Seven Rule

one in seven rule

Social media is the best place to promote your online business because there’s a whole world active on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. These platforms can be targeted for the best promotion of the small online businesses if targeted correctly and professionally.

Here we are gonna discuss some very significant practices which can lead your small business to a global success as the social sites are the best place to globalize your small business.

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are the extensively used for the globalization of the small businesses. With the help of following steps and techniques, you can get your business to a whole new level by getting engaged with the interested customers.

The One-in-Seven Rule:

Since the most effective and commonly used technique by the expert businessmen and entrepreneurs to promote their small business on social media websites. Make an account on Facebook and Twitter and follow the one-in-seven rule.

This rule includes one main post that you want your followers to see along with the other 6 posts. The main post includes your services that you’re gonna provide and the other 6 posts may include anything else.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t convey your message in those 6 posts, you CAN but with a mild touch of your service. You’re not supposed to completely explain your service in those 6 posts. This rule doesn’t make your followers/customers feel bored by seeing your posts.

Place Engaging posts:

The social media users love to share their thoughts, feelings, happenings and most importantly their opinions. So, why not to take advantage of that? Make your posts more engaging and responsive to the customer’s/people’s interactions.

Let them make their own opinions and share their thoughts, it would be a fun as well as informative regarding your business activities. For example, an online cloth store may ask for the people’s best cloth variety in the summer, it will encourage the people to share their thoughts and opinions and will greatly benefit you in setting up new goals regarding new summer collection for the store.

Place Quick Events:

Setting up creative events like “a person answering a particular question will be given a special training class”. It will drive heavy traffic to your page and will surely let the universe know about you and your business.

Give Value to Your Buyers:

Make special discounts on special events, like Christmas, to attain the attraction of buyers who’re interested in buying your services. The main aim of giving your customers discounts and special offers is to build trust in their mind.

They will surely come next time whenever they need to buy the same service. Give your followers special tips and best practices to benefit them in their daily life.

Do All Stuff at Right Time!

You should be aware of the time when you have the highest traffic on your page. That’s the time to post the content that you want your followers to see.

Post all the stuff in that time zone, so that more, more and more people can reach to participate in our event or can read your post about your service.