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Network Marketing – The Perfect Business Model… Or is it?

CFA Practice Exams loves all business models. We especially like to focus these days online and network marketing in particular with business models.

There is much money to be made but what do we like the absolute best with growing companies on the internet? Well we have many models so lets take a close look.

When we started to earn online we like doing lots of affiliate marketing. We would join different spaces within the niche and build accordingly. Then we would build are list and give many offers to affiliate minded people and make commission.

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That was fun but was a grind. We decided to try CPA. That was a lot of fun as well but we weren’t familiar enough to keep it going. Seems like most in that field knew about funnel building and had insider connections to make it work.

Then we stumbled upon MLM also known as Network Marketing. This is our favorite business model. We love to motivate and show people to use social media to make lots of money. They can build a team through different platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.

They can also use Twitter and Linkedin but these tools are already a bit outdated. So over time we love to help. We love to motivate. We love to build multiple companies to all our hard working folk out there.

In MLM that is how it’s done. Work close with your people and show them tools and systems. There is no magic. Just grind it out till you make it work for you and family. Simple.

So when will you finally make the time to learn network marketing and what it can do for you?

This isn’t rocket science. Just get out there and make it happen. There is a definitely  a lot of space out there for you to do very well!

CFA Exam Or Work From Home? You Decide

is cfa exam hard

Today I’m going to be talking to you about my experience passing the CFA exam. There are numerous people that become discourage after taking the CFA exam multiple times and can’t pass it successfully.

If you’re having a negative feeling I want you to keep reading. My story, I guarantee you, will inspire you. I was an English major in College. I was not finance or economics. It wasn’t until a few years into college that I started to recognize and have a vision for financial and taking the CFA exam.

A few years after college I decided I wanted to get into investment management and learn more about money.

is cfa exam hardWell, before I dove into school and testing I decided to learn more about making money online and how many people were doing it successfully. I needed a game plan to earn through affiliate income or some type of network marketing company, MLM, so I could pay for school and be able to make the investments into my future.

When I first became involved I started to dabble with health and nutrition. I have to say it was a tough go in the beginning. I started selling herbal products and weight loss products. My coaches at the time were really drilling me to talk to family and friends and have house parties but I was not about to do that.

I wanted to find a real way to earn income online and not have to talk to Uncle Bill or Aunt Mary about buying my weight loss shakes or pills. That is when I came to the realization that health and nutrition and MLM was not going to be my thing.

I didn’t have a huge email list where I could reach out to thousands of people. I didn’t have some huge rolodex of business people that I felt comfortable calling. Most of my friends were pot smoking English majors who wanted nothing to do with money. They just enjoyed reading novels and hanging at the beach house in the summers.

So I started to dabble in affiliate marketing. I used companies like JV Zoo and other affiliate marketing companies where I could take their products, market them, and make a commission.

The problem with that business model was that after I made that initial sale the company or whoever was promoting that product would capture the lead and market other products to them afterward.

So I started to realize that the money I was spending and the products I was selling I only got paid one time on. So I was constantly monitoring how much I was spending in advertising to make sure I was selling enough product to make a profit. It was a lot of work and in many cases I was actually losing money.

So I soon learned about top tier companies that sold high end products on the internet. A much different way of doing business for sure.  One of the companies in particular was called Digital Altitude or DA. This was a company that sold high end training products and send there affiliates to big training all over the world.

Guys like Michael Force, Josh Paiva, Aaron A. Mack Millions and many other big marketers were leading the way in the company. Anyhow I was able to get in just a few short months ago and have already been able to profit over 100k in just 12 short weeks. This has been a serious eye opener for me.

When I saw the opportunity here I decided to get all in and pay my way to the top level. Yes it cost me over 50k to get this done but I already profited enough to cover this expense and get paid the higher commissions. So I started to learn traffic in the past 6 weeks from Josh Paiva and some of this best traffic guys to build my list. So far I have been able to built an email list of 2400 people just applying simple Facebook strategies and using solo ads.

My projection for the end of 2016 is to have earned over 500k if my growth keeps going at this pace.

So in actuality, going for my CFA exam and going back to school is becoming somewhat of a blur.

I didn’t realize you could earn such incredible income from the comfort of your home. Yes you have to work very hard. Maybe in the beginning your working harder then actually having to study for a CFA exam but on the other side of the spectrum when you get your business growing with lots of momentum you can scale back and possibly only work 4-6 hours per day.

I was talking to Josh the other day along with some of his other marketing friends and they are able to take days off at a time when they need to catch a breather. It’s not uncommon for them to travel the entire winter and go some place tropical. Kick back with your laptop, enjoy the ocean and work from the beach.

As time goes by going back to school is becoming less and less appealing. If I am able to learn some of these marketing methods that are bringing a lot of the workers in Digital Altitude 200 plus leads every single day I won’t have to ever go back to school or ever take a test again.

It’s possible I just hire someone to help me understand stocks, bond, treasuries etc so I can invest also from the comfort of my home. It’s come to the point in this day and age where you really don’t need to go to school and spend tens of thousands of dollars in an education that doesn’t really promise you a job. In fact I can’t tall you how many people I know that get out of school and never really amount to anything fiscally.

Nowadays I truly believe it’s coming down to 80% mindset and 20% skills. It’s about how hard your willing to work and if your mindset is in the right place to do it long enough to become successful!

Hope you enjoyed reading this article.