Network Marketing – The Perfect Business Model… Or is it?

CFA Practice Exams loves all business models. We especially like to focus these days online and network marketing in particular with business models.

There is much money to be made but what do we like the absolute best with growing companies on the internet? Well we have many models so lets take a close look.

When we started to earn online we like doing lots of affiliate marketing. We would join different spaces within the niche and build accordingly. Then we would build are list and give many offers to affiliate minded people and make commission.

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That was fun but was a grind. We decided to try CPA. That was a lot of fun as well but we weren’t familiar enough to keep it going. Seems like most in that field knew about funnel building and had insider connections to make it work.

Then we stumbled upon MLM also known as Network Marketing. This is our favorite business model. We love to motivate and show people to use social media to make lots of money. They can build a team through different platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.

They can also use Twitter and Linkedin but these tools are already a bit outdated. So over time we love to help. We love to motivate. We love to build multiple companies to all our hard working folk out there.

In MLM that is how it’s done. Work close with your people and show them tools and systems. There is no magic. Just grind it out till you make it work for you and family. Simple.

So when will you finally make the time to learn network marketing and what it can do for you?

This isn’t rocket science. Just get out there and make it happen. There is a definitely  a lot of space out there for you to do very well!